Horse Training from the Ground Up

Rob’s training program emphasises the importance of building a solid foundation. He believes support, preparation and repetition, in the early stages of training, are all critical in the development of a confident, reliable and disciplined horse. With a straight-forward approach, he discourages resistance while encouraging the horse to seek relief through positive reinforcement. He aims to teach horses to think, instead of react, under pressure. Consistency, feel and timing are essential elements to his technique and respect is reciprocal. His goal is to build horses to excel in any discipline with the firm belief that ‘a solid foundation is the key to success.’

Foundation Training

Rob specialises in foundation training, giving your horse the best start possible to ensure lifelong success. He has started over 1,000 horses and believes that a solid foundation is the key to success in any discipline.  He focuses on teaching horses to think through situations, rather than react. His training method emphasises timing, consistency and positive reinforcement.

Showing & Competing

Rob specialises in showing cutting, campdrafting, stockmans challenge and reining horses, with his greatest achievements in the U.S. reined cow horse events. Not only has he been successful in the show pen himself, but has trained many non-pro champions. He focuses on training horses to their greatest potential with a specialty in cow-related disciplines.

Problem Horses

Sometimes horses develop problems due to bad experiences and inconsistencies. Dealing with a problem horse involves re-educating the horse and many times going back to basic fundamentals to correct training mistakes. Rob starts from the basics to make sure each essential element has been covered and then works to resolve any issues.